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What do we do for you?

  • We set-up your online shop
  • We upload your products and write the content
  • We take the photos of your products
  • We optimise it for the search engines
  • We market your web sites to millions of people
  • We answer your customers questions by email and phone

and that's not all...

  • We accept credit & debit card payments from your customers
  • We'll store your products in our warehouse
  • We pack and dispatch the products
  • We take care of the after sales and returns
  • We continuously advertise and optimise your site
  • We send you the profit!

Why do business owners use us?

  • No need to pay for a web designer to design your web shop
  • No need for a developer to program your eCommerce functionality
  • No need to pay for web hosting or domain names
  • No need to hire a copywriter to write great content for your products
  • No need to pay a photography studio to photograph your products
  • No need to hire staff to answer your calls and emails

and it doesn't stop there...

  • No need to have office space to trade from
  • No need to have a warehouse to store and dispatch your products from
  • No need to pay for expensive advertising that may not work
  • No need to worry about updating your web site
  • No need to pay the bank for a merchant account
  • So there's absolutely no risk to you!